War Mongrels – Release Date

Posted on 03 Sep 2021

Destructive Creations’ WW2 real-time tactics game War Mongrels will be releasing for PC on 19 October 2021. Check out the trailer above and press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

War Mongrels, the grisly real-time tactics game set in World War II from publisher and developer Destructive Creations, takes aim at PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store on Tuesday, October 19, 2021.

Fight from behind enemy lines as a squad of freedom fighters born from the brutal Eastern Front. Lead Wehrmacht soldiers, Polish fighters, Lithuanian warriors, and others as they attempt to escape Hitler’s army. Survive the atrocities of war by utilizing stealth to avoid detection, issuing orders to the squad for tactical advancement, or engaging in twin-stick shootouts to secure a chance at freedom.

War Mongrels review keys will be available shortly. If you’d like a key for coverage, please fill out the form linked below or let me know directly.

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