vridniX Announcement and Release Date

Posted on 09 Aug 2018

Sometimes we get a trailer for a game so bizarre that we have to share it; if we’ve got to have a minute long acid trip with the trailer, so do you. Enter vridniX, a platformer game from developers Uncanaut and Deck13 where you control a three-legged uh… We don’t know what, but it has three legs (like actual legs, no a y’know) and you can rotate the levels. Give the trailer a watch and check out the press release below.

vridniX launches on Steam on 16 August 2018.

Official Press Release

Chaos Reigns in 2D Platformer vridniX Coming to Steam on August 16th

(Key Requests open)

FRANKFURT – August. 3rd, 2018 — An elaborate plan by publisher Deck13 and developer Uncanaut to announce a new game today has been all but sidetracked! Hard at work, they were hit by some weird three legged creature calling himself vridniX and claiming to be a hero! What sorcery is this!?

Instead of the originally planned announcement, we now follow the advice of the strange orange creature to report that the vridniX, a speedy and chaotic 2D platformer will hit Steam on August 16th! Bringing a generous helping of salt and madness to Steam (He also forced us to mention something about a Neta-Vark? Some sort of place where the Wamnis live?), vridniX will challenge all comers.

Key Features

  • Never stop running!
  • Make the levels rotate!
  • Survive in 6 strange worlds and over 100 frantic levels!
  • Meet many twisted characters in hilarious cutscenes!
  • Fight epic bosses, but you can’t attack!
  • 8+ hours of gameplay!
  • Destroy everything you love!
  • Face the salt!
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