Unbound: Worlds Apart – Announcement

Posted on 10 Sep 2020

Romanian indie developers Alien Pixel Studios have revealed Unbound: Worlds Apart, a 2D metroidvania platformer where you play a character called Soli travelling to different realities to learn about a catastrophe that destroyed his world. Unbound: Worlds Apart is launching on PC and Switch in Q2 2021.

Official Press Release

Unbound: Worlds Apart sets its sights on EGX Digital

Will feature in the Indie section!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 — Unbound: Worlds Apart is an atmospheric 2D Puzzle-Platformer where the main character, Soli, can conjure magic portals to travel between different realities in order to learn more about the catastrophe that ravaged his world. Inside certain portals, the physical properties of the character or world elements can change, offering new gameplay possibilities.

Soli will gain new abilities and fight fierce and fantastical bosses by outsmarting them! (And of course by utilising portals).

Explore beautiful, hand-crafted Metroidvanian puzzle platformer worlds using magic portals that gives you special abilities. Solve puzzles by using the enemies to your advantage, and progress through your adventure at their expense!

Unbound: Worlds Apart will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in Q2 2021.

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