TW WARHAMMER – Vampire Units Revealed

Posted on 05 Apr 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

The term “winning hearts and minds” means different things to different armies, but for the armies of the Vampire Counts you can just take this phrase literally.

Not one to flinch at excessive blood, let alone excessive terror. Leaders of the Vampire armies will get to employ some of the most terrifying forces found on any battlefield.

Creative assembly have just revealed two of the unit types uniquely available to the Vampire team in Total War: WARHAMMER:

Vargheists: Towering & bloodthirsty shock troops

Terrorgheist: Monstrous & poisonous bat like creature.

Official Press Release

Arguably more so than other races, the Vampire Counts rely on death from above to close with and shock the enemy. Fortunately, winged nightmares of various shapes, sizes and abilities are in good supply for the Vampire Counts player. Two new Total War: WARHAMMER ‘Introducing…’ videos shine a cold and eerie light upon the ravenous Vargheists and the blood-curdling Terrorghiest.

As the purest darkness of a Vampire’s soul made manifest, Varghiests are truly the stuff of nightmares. Towering winged beasts, each several times the size of a man, they can be deployed with devastating effect from above to rip battle lines to pieces. Learn more about these monstrous predators here.

Though Vampire Counts have several flying units, it is the Terrorgheist that is the most lethal. This enormous bat-like monster of fang and talon, induces abject terror in all but the most steadfast. It has poisonous attacks that weakens its prey, readying them for slaughter and can even regenerate when wounded. See it in its full horror here.

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