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Posted on 30 Jan 2019

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is a remaster of the original Townsmen. The game will be available for free to all existing owners of Townsmen on 26 February 2019, otherwise it will cost £16.99. Check out the press release below for all the info about what the game contains and the improvements made.

Official Press Release

The dawn of a new era: Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt announced for PC

Historical city builder to release on February 26th 2019

Giebelstadt, Germany, January 28th 2019: Oyez, oyez, oyez! Fans of city building games all over the world, rejoice! Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is not just being unveiled for PC, but it’s finished and ready for ribbon-cutting on February 26th 2019. And the good news for loyal Townsmenfolk doesn’t stop there, because when the new kingdom comes it will appear completely free of charge in the great library of noble video games for owners of 2016’s original Townsmen.

This improved and remastered version of the iconic Townsmen is packed to the rafters. Containing 24 maps for the sandbox mode, and 26 bespoke scenarios, it’s up to you whether you want to pick your own tale and turn a barren pile of grass into a gigantic city, or face a predefined challenge as you research over 70 technologies and construct more than 150 buildings and objects. Either way, a new, six-mission-long tutorial will make your first steps as a mayor as smooth as fine silk from the tailor’s shop.

Be sure to plan your city wisely: your Townies & Townettes need a place to live, to work, to relax, and to grab some food. Having a market place close to their work will guarantee a short walk and also a realistically-constructed town. And speaking of placement, make sure to have fire towers and infirmaries around for when one of the new catastrophes strikes and your city is hit by a massive inferno or a plague outbreak…

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt will be available on February 26th 2019 for PC. Priced at £16.99 / €19.99 / $19.99, the game will be added free of charge to all existing owners of the original Townsmen from 2016. Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is developed and published by HandyGames, a THQ Nordic company.

About Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt

The medieval metropolis builder gets a mighty overhaul on the PC. Grow your tiny village into a grand medieval empire with a thriving economy and happy villagers. Find spots for mining ore, harvest the crops of your farms and collect coins as taxes from your folk. Build jousting fields, taverns, marketplaces and beautify your city with impressive statues, magnificent monuments and lush gardens. As you do so, be aware of dangers: bandits are never far away, looking to plunder and pillage peaceful towns. So don’t forget to erect barracks and guard towers, and recruit brave soldiers, to protect your citizens from harm. You rule the entire empire from your castle, making sure your inhabitants have fun, stay happy and remain safe.


  • City-building gameplay set in medieval times
  • Inhabitants with their own daily routines
  • New voice over language for livelier interactions, created from Finnish & Volapük
  • Complex economy sim and deep production chains
  • Over 150 different town and production buildings
  • Optional military feature with soldiers and bandits
  • Seasons and weather effects that directly impact gameplay
  • Devastating disasters such as fire, disease, drought and many more
  • 26 diverse scenarios and challenging tasks
  • Unrestricted sandbox gameplay on 24 maps
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