Total War: WARHAMMMER – Van Helsings Bane

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I guess Van Helsing wouldn’t have stepped into that trap. Silly Witch Hunters, always thinking they are so smart. Well, no need to analyze the newest Total War : WARHAMMER in such detail, it’s a trailer after all and not one that is meant to kickstart discussion on Witch Hunter intelligence. So yes, Witch Hunters are in the game. Of course that pales against the might that is the Vampire Count.

With an intriguing backstory that – just so I can make this word play – has plenty of intrigue; the Vampire Counts are probably one of the more interesting races of the upcoming title. All depends on how The Creative Assembly decides to build this ominous nation, a nation made up of a couple of hundred vampires and then a gazillion of undead…

But really, why did he march into the woods like he did…did he learn nothing from the old Mark of Chaos trailer?

Official Press Release

Vampire Counts Arise! The final, as-yet-unseen playable Race from Total War: WARHAMMER is revealed.

In the forsaken lands of Sylvania, the sun refuses to rise. Twisted, buckled trees and a windless mist herald the advance of a darkness that has haunted the nightmares of men for millennia. An unliving host advances, a tide of resurrected corpses, driven on by necromantic magic and the immortal will of their masters.

Far from home, an Empire Witch Hunter seeking the source of this corruption will soon find that there are fates in the Old World far worse than death. The Vampire Counts have arisen, and today in this brand new in-engine trailer, they are unleashed.

All tremble before the Midnight Aristocracy! Led by Mannfred von Carstein, chief acolyte of necromantic magic and the Vampire Counts’ most cunning son, battalions of age-dead soldiers march forth to claim the Old World in the name of the undead. Moldering legions of Grave Guard, Skeletons, colossal aberrations and bat-winged beasts lay siege to gigantic Dwarfen citadels whilst Mannfred himself prowls the skies on his ferocious Zombie Dragon.

The Vampire Counts are masters of Death magic and necromancy and those that stand and fall before their might will not remain fallen for long.

An exclusive Vampire Counts battle will be streamed live for the first time today at 6:00pm PDT/1:00am GMT This stream will also be available to watch on the Total War Twitch channel later, for those unable to watch the stream live.

Vampire Counts join the Greenskins, Dwarfs and Empire as the fourth playable race in Total War: WARHAMMER.

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