Total War: Warhammer – Time to Sharpen That Axe

Posted on 04 Mar 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

Do you find other people ignorant and obnoxiously tall? Do you have a dozen or more hidden caches of your gold? Do you still have a grudge to settles with the stinky foot tribe for setting your great great great great grandfather’s beard on fire? Do you find the most attractive women to be those with the longest smoothest beards? Then you’re in luck! Because Creative assembly have announced some unique game mechanics for their upcoming game Total War: Warhammer.

Now between managing your empire, mining for gold, and mustering a troop of Long Beards, you can also open the book of grudges and settles some scores dwarven style – WITH AN AXE! There’s even a dating app for finding your ideal dwarf maiden, based on beard length and colour (sorry made that last one up).

Check out the new gameplay video above to see some of the new features unique to dwarves.

Official Press Release

Creative Assembly have revealed more new gameplay from the Grand Campaign in Total War: WARHAMMER with the release The Dwarfs Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough.

Following the Greenskins Campaign Gameplay Video ( released last year, and the Empire Campaign Video ( released last month, this new video provides a brief, work-in-progress look at a campaign played as the industrious but quarrelsome Dwarfs.

With dev commentary, the Campaign Walkthrough also includes a first look at the Dammaz Kron, or Great Book of Grudges, a brand new feature for Total War and one that is totally unique to these short but altogether vengeful warriors.

As a Dwarf player, two of your key objectives are to recapture the fallen Dwarf Strongholds scattered through the Badlands and to clear the Great Book of Grudges. Each Grudge recorded over time comes with specific fulfilment conditions and rewards. But be warned, the Dwarfs are proud and quarrelsome! As your campaign progresses, slights against you will generate a rapidly increasing list of scores to settle, and the more outstanding grudges, the more the Dwarfs will grumble…

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