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Total War: Warhammer II was unveiled today with mixed results. While the 24 hour countdown live-stream broadcast parts of the trailer with no sound, the actual release on YouTube didn’t receive lots of positive feedback, sitting at a roughly 50/50 like-to-dislike ratio.

Aiming to expand the Warhammer lore of the previous title, incorporating the High and Dark Elves, Lizardmen and (potentially) the Skaven. Although information on the game is sparse at this point, players are apparently required to either save or disrupt the Great Vortex, and thus, decide the fate of the world. The question now is, how will Warhammer II, the second title in the announced trilogy, tie in with the initial Total War: Warhammer game? The expansion does add a significant portion to the world, with Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth and the Southlands now accessible.

Players that own both games are promised a grand campaign that spans across the whole Warhammer world, while players owning only one of the packs are limited to the respective geographical locations. All in all, Warhammer II will cover an area similar in size to the first game. Since oceans split the two continents and the Island of Ulthan, ‘navies’ will play a bigger role in the second game. Yet, auto resolve is still the way to go when it comes to naval battles.

Of course, this reveal does not just give rise to many questions relating to Warhammer II but also the future of Total War. Being the second in a trilogy and dealing with an apocalyptic event, the third game might in fact take place after the collapse of the Old World, and thus, the Age of Sigmar. Which happens to be the single most hated thing ever by seasoned Warhammer Fantasy fans, so that might be somewhat of a risk for The Creative Assembly and SEGA. Well, mainly for The Creative Assembly, SEGA doesn’t care.

The other question is, what has happened to the more historical games of the series? With Warhammer, the Total War series departed for the first time from a non-fantasy setting. Now announcing two more games set in the Warhammer universe, the chances are slim for a new historical Total War in the foreseeable future.

One thing is certain though, neither the Publisher, nor the Developer, would have launched themselves on to another Warhammer title like this, had the initial release not made them a ton of money. Perhaps it made even more than the historical games, taking into account the markets at the time. Judging by this, the claims that Warhammer and its business model had resulted in a consumer backlash thus seem overstated, if not plain wrong.

Since the backlashes to Total War: Warhammer have not resulted in any tangible loss in sales, the current reaction will probably not be taken too serious either. For more questions on Warhammer II, check out the Developer blog here.

Official Press Release

LONDON – March 31, 2017 –SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced the next game in the best-selling Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy. Total War: WARHAMMER II will be the second release in an ongoing partnership between globally-acclaimed developer Creative Assembly™ and Games Workshop®, creators of the world-renowned Warhammer® Fantasy Battles tabletop wargame and miniatures.

Total War: WARHAMMER II unveils the mystery-shrouded continents far to the west of The Old World.  Featuring four iconic new races from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world – the High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, and a fourth yet to be revealed – players will battle across enchanted isles, bleak hinterlands, treacherous swamps and perilous jungles. In a Total War campaign like no other, players will struggle for dominion over the ailing Great Vortex that has swirled for millennia above the elven homeland of Ulthuan. Performing a series of arcane rituals, each race must save or disrupt the Vortex according to their motivations – a struggle culminating in a cataclysmic endgame. Territorial conquest is no longer enough… this is a race for control that will define the fate of the world!

Total War: WARHAMMER II will offer hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay in this epic new campaign. Furthermore, a huge combined campaign map featuring the old and new world regions will be available for free shortly after release to players who own both Total War: WARHAMMER I & II.

Total War: WARHAMMER II represents the next step in our trilogy, our vision for the most incredible fantasy strategy series ever made,” said Game Director, Ian Roxburgh. “The success of the first game has increased our ambition; we’re not only going to deliver a thrilling campaign in the sequel, but also an additional combined campaign, the biggest so far, for owners of both.”

“We’re thrilled to see the sequel to last years smash hit Total War: Warhammer coming later this year.” Said Jon Gillard, Head of Licensing at Games Workshop. “Sega and The Creative Assembly continue to astound us with their ability in crafting the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world in further glorious pageantry, with races never realised on this scale before in a video game. We are proud to be in partnership with them on this next great step in the franchise.”

What’s in Total War: WARHAMMER II?

  • A new style of narrative campaign in which players race against the other factions to save or destroy the Great Vortex while thwarting competing Races
  • Players will build and expand empires, raise armies, develop cities and fight vivid grand-scale battles in the classic Total War style

This campaign is set across four mysterious new continents:

  • Ulthuan
  • Naggaroth
  • The Southlands
  • Lustria

Four new playable races, each with unique campaign mechanics and army rosters of Legendary Lords, Heroes, spellcasters, troops, monsters and siege weapons:

  • High Elves
  • Dark Elves
  • Lizardmen
  • And a fourth, yet to be revealed…

Additionally, a vast combined campaign map covering the geographic areas of the first and second parts of the trilogy. Players will be able to embark on campaigns as any owned, playable race from both games. This will be available for free shortly after launch for owners of both games.

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Stephen Haselden
Posted 05 Apr 2017, 09:11
They have Nailed the look of WH, their FMV guys deserve every penny their paid, can't praise them enough for the style, but....

But I had my issue with TW:WH was, they dumbed it down. consequently the battles just weren't fun, and the empire management felt superficial. so my questions is, will TW:WH 2 have new mechanics or new gameplay? is it it just glorified DLC?