Total War Warhammer 2 360-Degree Launch Trailer

Posted on 28 Sep 2017

Even as gamers used to having control of the camera we’re always amazed by those 360-degree videos, like the one above. Being able to look around in a video player is still amazing to us and what better way to make it interesting than to have tiny men murderizing each other all over the place? Apparently Sega and Creative Assembly agreed with us because they released exactly that to commemorate the release of Total War Warhammer 2. We were so blown away we almost forgot to tell you – the game’s out now!

So stop reading this and go order dragons and hydras to wreck some stuff!

Official Press Release


The second instalment in Creative Assembly’s epic Total War™: WARHAMMER® fantasy trilogy is out now for Windows PC, and players can take a journey across the New World directly into the midst of battle in the Launch Trailer out today. This spectacular 360-degree trailer, viewable on YouTube but also compatible with VR headsets and mobile devices, allows viewers to fly above the vast expanse of the New World and its varied locales, drop into the heart of intense battles surrounded by hundreds of enemies, and dive deep below the surface of the world into a Skaven stronghold. It is best viewed on Google Chrome in 4k.

We also have a fixed view version of the launch trailer viewable here:

Total War: WARHAMMER II’s rich narrative, depth and variety of gameplay has already won critical acclaim and players around the world are now embarking on their own campaign across the breadth of the New World. Game Director Ian Roxburgh said: “We’re delighted that the second game is scoring higher with critics than the first and are looking forward to fans playing the game for themselves. We’re always keen to hear fan feedback and that will form an integral part in our plans for upcoming free content and the third title in our trilogy.”

Total War: WARHAMMER II releases today and is available now through Steam:

Shortly after the launch of Total War: WARHAMMER II, a gigantic update will be made available to owners of both games, for free. An entire new campaign map will enable players to conquer both the Old and New Worlds as any Race from either base game or any owned DLC Races.

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