Total War: Three Kingdoms – Dong Zhuo Reveal Trailer

Posted on 08 Feb 2019

You might not be familiar with Dong Zhuo, but many will recognise his adopted son Lu Bu. The greedy tyrant will be a playable faction unlockable by defeating him in-game or reaching the rank of emperor. Total War: Three Kingdoms launches on 7 March 2019.

Official Press Release


Through all of history, there are few tyrants as sinister as Dong Zhuo. Revealed today as a surprise 12th playable faction in Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, players will soon be able to conquer through cruelty, purging the lands of all who would defy his rule. Watch the latest cinematic trailer here:

Greed drives the malevolent Dong Zhuo, and he’ll let nothing stand in his way. Flanked by his adopted son Lü Bu, the greatest warrior in the land, no one can match their might and fury. By spreading fear and intimidation, those who oppose Dong Zhuo will soon bow down. Victory is nearly in his grasp!

Dong Zhou will appear as a playable faction once you defeat Dong Zhuo in battle (you don’t need to kill him, just defeat the army he is a part of) or reach the rank of Emperor.

The next historical title in the Total War™ strategy series will launch March 7th, 2019.

Further details on THREE KINGDOMS can be found on the Steam page, here:

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