Total War: Three Kingdoms – Diplomacy Trailer Part 2

Posted on 01 Dec 2018

Part 2 of the Total War: Three Kingdoms diplomacy gameplay trailer is now live. Check it out above, or if you missed the first part there’s a link in the press release below. Total War: Three Kingdoms is releasing on 7 March 2019.

Official Press Release

Total War by other means: Diplomacy system gets major rewrite in THREE KINGDOMS

The second (and last) part of a new video series detailing the diplomacy system in Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is available to watch now: If you’ve missed part one, you can catch up here:

The diplomacy system has been rewritten from the ground up for THREE KINGDOMS, introducing a range of diplomatic tools which enable players to engineer a host of new outcomes.

Players can now employ new tradeable assets as leverage in negotiations, including ancillary items and characters, food supplies, and even territory itself. Players can also haggle to find the best deal – or sabre-rattle other warlords into acceptance.

Diplomacy is now a more subtle and powerful tool of statecraft than ever before, enabling players to to build relations, manipulate opinion, form coalitions and mighty alliances, and broker power across the campaign map in their rise to the throne.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS launches March 7th, 2019.

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