Tom Clancy’s Division & Phantoms Update

Posted on 27 Aug 2016 by
David Pink

In celebration of Tom Clancy’s The Division six month anniversary, The Division Team and Ubisoft took this opportunity to give a hearty thanks to the openly passionate Division community. Thanking them for their devotion and describing how their passion, together with the players is what unites them, allowing them to build a better game and delivering the best experience possible with the players constant feedback, confirming how committed they are with shaping a bright future for The Division. Along with the adoration of their community comes mention of what’s in store for Division players with the upcoming 1.4 Update that’s in the works and due for release sometime this October.

The ongoing effort in making Division a balanced, fun and bug free experience is paramount for the future of the game and Update 1.4 will address some of the most pressing issues, such as fixing several known bugs, adjusting enemy difficulty and making loot drops more relevant to players. Along with these improvements will be more gear set, weapons, Dark Zone and PvP balances, and other quality of life additions based on community suggestions, such as finally tackling the weapon skins taking up precious inventory/storage space issue that’s been annoying players since launch. The second expansion, simply dubbed “Survival” was initially planned to release in tandem with Update 1.4, however due to unspecified reasons, Survival will be postponed until later this year. Devoted Division players should also keep an eye out for more detailed information coming soon within the weekly State of the Game progress report as well as a special livestream report coming September 13th.

In other, more depressing news, comes the announcement from the GR Phantoms Team of the sudden decision to close its free-to-play, third-person tactical shooter multiplayer game, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms. Stating how difficult it was to come to this decision, after the project’s first inception some seven years ago, the tremendous undertaking involved, thanking the community and mentioning how proud of what they achieved in giving players the opportunity to experience a different take on the Ghost Recon series. The shutdown will go down on the first of December, but until then, players can continue playing on the servers up until the final moments of its plug being pulled. As for the online game store, it will also remain open, with the exception of the purchasing of Ghost Coins. The team also disclosed, which might anger some players, that there will be absolutely no refunds of any virtual currency spent or of any remaining resources they may still own by the shutdown date.

I would strongly suggest our readers to take a moment to read the official reports for both The Division and Ghost Recon Phantoms linked above for more details.

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