Time to Get Wintry in Fractured Space

Posted on 15 Dec 2016 by
Lee Braden

Edge Case Games brings a touch of the holiday season to Fractured Space, along with some new items for the Phaser 2 update. These patches add in stuff like; better ship navigation in battles, new crew implant system, and the first implementation of match drafting, just to name a few.

Breaking down the navigation update, all ships now have improved engines and thrusters, allowing for greater fidelity in handling, and also an easier time for newer players. Individual crew members can now be boosted with implants, allowing for greater customization to ship functions and also to modify your ship with your own style.

New ways to earn Drop Pods have also been added, along with new items found in those pods, including rewards for daily log-ins and Co-Op matches. As a bonus for the festive season, all players who log in between Dec 24 and Jan 2 will get Ru-T0lf, a special Christmas robot crew member.

Also included in this update is the new TDS Aegis, a vessel designed around heavy shield defense, and has a Blink Shift Buoy to allow for rapid attack or retreat in areas. Part of the Aegis’ advanced systems is the ability to transfer shields to friendlies along with absorbing some incoming damage.

One other update to this is a competition where the lucky winner can have an all-expenses paid trip to London, though as a Brit, I don’t know why, it’s too expensive, and only really useful as a place for a bunch of museums. Winners will also meet the team, along with creating your very own ship skin and other extra goodies.

Head on over to the Ultimate Skin Contest page for the competition and it’s rules, then get out there and start playing.

Official Press Release

Guildford, UK – December 15, 2016 – Edge Case Games, developers of the award-winning team-based space combat game with over one million players, Fractured Space, today announced the game has launched a new Phase 2 game update spread over two patches that bring faster and freer ship movement, a new crew implant system for greater customization, a first implementation of match drafting and more!

Fractured Space pits two teams of five giant capital ships against each other in matches that highlight teamwork and strategy with MOBA-style lanes as players work together to destroy the enemy’s team base. The game’s two new updates, both of which are now live, add a blend of speed and navigation enhancements that subtly increase gameplay speed and pilot control. In addition to specific tweaks, all ships now turn and move more responsively—they are still massive and powerful but it’s as if their engineers gave them a performance makeover for easier flight controls.

In addition, players can now modify individual crew members via implants, thus allowing greater customization of ship function boosts as soon in this tutorial video. There are new ways to earn Drop Pods that yield new items, including rewards for daily logins and for co-op matches. As a holiday bonus, all players who log in between December 24 and January 2 will get Ru-T0lf, a special Christmas robot crew member.

The update’s new TDS Aegis ship is a heavy defence vessel designed to shield allies while simultaneously posing a significant threat to enemy ships. Its Blink Shift Buoy allows it to jump into attack or to safety, and it can shield itself or allied ships via transference shield technology that converts damage into energy—very necessary considering the ship’s huge energy demands. The Aegis’s Absorb Smart Cannon applies smart targeting to attacks and can leach energy from applied damage, while its unique Particle Accelerator fires an expanding orb of energy that decimates ships in its path for crowd control. The ship’s major weakness is its thin hull as once its shields are penetrated it is highly vulnerable.

Fractured Space has over 30 customizable ships, well-tuned battle mechanics, two different game modes, deep team strategy, gorgeously detailed graphics and a balanced free-to-play economy. Along with team combat, the game features AI Captains for solo and co-op play vs. bots. The “equal but different” ships in the game range from damage-dealing cruisers to long range snipers to helpful support ships to more specialized spaceships that require expert control for maximum effectiveness. The game’s streamlined Frontline mode is now available to all new players for a quicker introduction to the game, and both Frontline and full Conquest modes can be played in solo, co-op and multiplayer matches.

Other updates include a host of improvements and a unique chance for an expense-paid trip to the UK to design the ultimate ship skin while nabbing great hardware prizes from Alienware and Roccat. Complete update details can be found in the Phase 2.0 update patch notes.

Edge Case Games will keep adding new features to the game under its Open Development model that prioritizes player feedback and shares upcoming plans for comments before they are implemented. The battle to dominate space continues—jump in and help your team to fight to victory!

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