They Are Billions, New Zombie RTS Announced

Posted on 01 Jun 2017

From independent developer, Numantian Games, comes the announcement of their steampunk zombie apocalypse RTS game, They Are Billions. Players must defend the dwindling human populace from hoards of zombies, thousands at a time… I hope we have enough ammunition! Numantian are boasting that their custom game engine can pump out up to 20k infected on screen in real time… Wowza! That’s mighty impressive. Check out the official site for details.

Official Press Release

They Are Billions

Zombie Apocalypse Meets Steampunk Strategy – Build Your Colony. Prevent the Infection From Spreading – Combat Thousands of Zombies in real-time.

Numantian Games, independent game developer of Lords of Xulima, is proud to announce the upcoming strategy game, They Are Billionscoming to PC in 2017. They Are Billions mixes a world where the zombie apocalypse has taken over the planet and throws it into a Steampunk / Victorian setting.

Prevent the infection from spreading into your colony and its inhabitants. Once a building is infected, the workers turn, rabidly spreading the infection further. And just when you think it is safe, thousands more come in hordes to wipe out your colony – each with individualized AI.

They Are Billions Game Features:

  • Real-time Strategy with Pause Mode: In Pause Mode you can build your structures and setup commands for your army. This game is about strategy, not quick key commands.
  • Oversee a Colony: Build, Fight, Defend, and Gather Resources for your colony. Don’t let the infected take over!
  • Build an Army: Train and contract mercenaries to protect your colony and destroy the infected – unique mercenaries with their own set of skills and personalities!
  • Thousands of Units on the Screen: Defeat billions of zombies. The custom engine can handle up to 20,000 of the infected in real time.
  • 4K Graphics: Steampunk and Victorian Style Graphics. Dozens of units with more than 1,500 frames of animation.

Only a small population of humans remain alive. Grow your colony and fight through the billions of zombies left on the planet.

Visit our website or Steam page for more information or contact us with any questions.

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