The War Thunder Tease for Update 1.67 Begins

Posted on 18 Feb 2017 by
Lee Braden

Following the end of the Closed Beta for Japanese armour, Gaijin teases more additions for the Japanese line in War Thunder.

Stating in the news we have as being one every day until 1.67 update hits, Gaijin is listing all the new vehicles, we know of Japanese ground units, but there are rumours we will also see new aircraft for every nation too. Currently the Japanese armour has tanks such as the Type 2 Ka Mi, without it’s amphibious pontoons, to the Chi Ha with a cut down 120mm naval cannon even several post-war US tanks such as the M-41 Bulldog and the M-42 Duster SPAAG, and the Type 74, a Japanese tank with a British 105mm cannon.

The initial news post is one of the Type 87 SPAAG (Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun)  a Japanese version of the famous German Flakpanzer Gepard (not to be confused with the Flakpanzer Pz 38(t) Gepard) with the same Oerlikon 35mm cannons. Also stated in the news article, is that we will see a multi-turreted tank and a vehicle firing ATGM’s, which would bring it up to on par with other nations, also that we will see some vehicles for other nations, to track head on over to the Development tracker.

A quick near miss thought, a news article was posted with some Q&A from the developers, while some of the community find these as silly, and the answers sometimes more vague than a dot on the horizon, this Q&A mentions about Russia getting the Su-9 (1946) which was basically a Me-262 like aircraft with a 37mm or 45mm cannon and a 23mm cannon, only 2 were produced.

Official Press Release

Feb 16th, 2017 — Gaijin Entertainment today announced that following on from its December 1.65 update and recent end of closed beta for Japanese tanks ‘Way of the Samurai’, additional Japanese tanks will be rolling out in its next major update for all players. Ahead of this rollout, Gaijin Entertainment will be providing daily profiles of some of the key vehicles on its War Thunder devblog beginning with the Japanese Type 87 SPAAG self- propelled anti-aircraft gun. The current roster of Japanese armor has added 30 armored ground forces vehicles modeled on interwar vehicles and modern developments of the Cold War era, featuring a full range of tanks, self-propelled guns and anti-aircraft vehicles, including exotic models, such as the largest amphibious tank of World War II, the Type 2 Ka-Mi, and a modification of the Chi-Ha tank equipped with a 120mm naval cannon, the Chi-Ha Short Gun.

In War Thunder, the Type 87 SPAAG will be the new top anti aircraft vehicle at rank V of the Japanese Ground Forces tree. Highly effective against any airborne threat, the Type 87 is also capable of engaging ground targets using a variety of armour piercing shells. The vehicles light armor and speed allow it to quickly exploit holes in the enemy’s flanks or relocate behind cover.

Besides the Type 87, the forthcoming update will add many other Japanese ground vehicles to the game, including a multi-turreted tank and an ATGM vehicle. Additionally, new ground vehicles and aircraft will be also be released for the other in-game Nations USA, UK, USSR and Germany. In the following weeks, the most interesting innovations will be presented in the developer diaries on War Thunder’s official website here:

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