The Mortuary Assistant – Releasing August

Posted on 17 Jul 2022

DarkStone Digital and DreadXP have revealed The Mortuary Assistant, an adventure horror game about working at a mortuary. For some of us that would be spooky enough but DarkStone have also felt the need to throw in a bunch of extra spooky stuff like dark corridors, whatever’s going on with that corpse’s teeth in the trailer, and, oh yeah, demons. A demo is available via Steam and the full game is releasing on 2 August 2022.

Official Press Release

Greeting boils and ghouls!

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Looking for a fresh start somewhere DEAD QUIET? Then apply today for an apprenticeship at the River Fields Mortuary!

Not only will you be able to get hands on time with the freshest corpses this side of the country, but you’ll also learn practical skills like embalming, body tagging, and general cadaver upkeep. No urgent deadlines, bosses yelling in your ear, or unruly customers here (ignore all that nonsense about wandering corpses and disappearing employees — kids these days make up the darndest things)!

An apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary is one of those rare laid back jobs that’s simply to DIE for! But don’t worry, you’ll definitely get your daily exorcize in too! We promise that you’ll love it here so much that you’ll NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!

Applications to The Mortuary Assistant position at River Fields Mortuary open on August 2, 2022, so give us a ring!

About The Mortuary Assistant

Set to launch for Windows PC on August 2, 2022, The Mortuary Assistant puts you in the shoes of Rebecca Owens, a recent Mortuary Sciences grad who’s starting an apprenticeship at the spooky River Fields Mortuary. The Mortuary Assistant features demonic banishments, creepy puzzles, detailed mortician tasks, and multiple endings. Each playthrough is unique, featuring different demons, bodies, and scares custom tailored to your playthrough. As Rebecca, you will need to balance your mortuary tasks, brave the mortuary’s dark hallways, and pay close attention to your surroundings if you wish to walk away with your soul intact.

The scares in The Mortuary Assistant aren’t limited to the supernatural, as the game features authentic tasks practiced by real-life morticians. These include making incisions on the dead, pumping their remaining blood out, retrieving them from the cold storage, and conducting embalmings. The first-person perspective puts you right into the medical action, which only ramps up the tension as the bodies you’re working on start wandering.

Download the demo and add The Mortuary Assistant to your Steam wishlist today:

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