The Guts of Blood and Wine

Posted on 12 May 2016 by
Tomer S.

The Wicher 3’s latest DLC/Expansion, Blood and Wine, got a trailer merely few days ago getting fans hyped up again to head back to the life of a Witcher. Now a Dev Diary has been released giving some backstory to the quests you’ll see in the expansion and the thoughts of the developers behind it.

A fairytale land gets destroyed by the vineyard owner’s war. They send thugs and goons to attack their rivals, cellars infested by monsters and streets roaming with bandits waiting to hijack the next courrier of wine. The land has fallen into madness.

Told straight from the devs, this DLC will be almost like a completely new game. Toussaint will be its own region filled with large fields, towns and an Elven kingdom, surrounded by giant frost tipped mountains and, like all areas in the game, a large amount of special places. The kingdom looks stunning.

“If I were a painter, I wouldn’t know where to set up my easel.”

We also are told about the crazy amount of unique creatures found within the lands of Toussaint. Geralt won’t be facing the usual few ghouls resting near a monster nest, but instead he’ll fight giant caterpillars that dig through the dirt under his feet.

These are just the main points told by the great team over at CD Projekt RED. If you want to hear more lore about the kingdom and other features added in this DLC, you can watch the video up top.

Blood and Wine releases May 31st 2016.

Official Press Release

Listen to CD PROJEKT RED team members talk about the final expansion pack to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine, and learn more about Geralt’s final mission, Blood and Wine’s new features, and the new open world location of Toussaint.

Blood and Wine releases May 31st, 2016.

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