The Falconeer – Mancer Trailer

Posted on 24 Mar 2020

Wired Productions have released a new trailer for Tomas Sala’s upcoming game, The Falconeer which takes a brief look at one of the game’s factions. The Falconeer is launching in 2020 for PC and Xbox One.

Official Press Release

Developed by Tomas Sala, The Falconeer will land on Xbox One and PC in 2020. Explore a bleak and hauntingly beautiful world, filled with wonderous locations and warmongering rival factions vying for the mysterious secrets hidden at the Ursee’s unfathomable depths.

The Imperial throne holds power over all of the Northern Ursee, but derives power from the noble trading houses and the ancient decrees granting it the support of the Mancer Order.

The Order houses tremendous stores of knowledge in giant vaults. These vaults are accompanied by communities of administrators and traders, who are tasked with handling the steady stream of applicants wishing to obtain technology from the Order.

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