The Evil Within 2 Race Against Time Gameplay

Posted on 13 Sep 2017

The Evil Within 2‘s main hero is so badass he punches a burning monstrosity in the face! Don’t believe us, watch the trailer above. There’s not just face punching, there’s more guns than a gun convention and enough monsters to make a Cronenbergian orgy. Now there’s a thought…

The Evil Within 2 launches on 13 October 2017. For the superstitious among us, it’s appropriately a Friday.

Official Press Release

Time is not on your side in The Evil Within 2.

As Sebastian Castellanos, you will face unimaginable terrors as you fight to find your daughter within the nightmare of STEM and get her out safely before the entire system crumbles around you. On top of the hideous creatures that roam the streets, you’ll also have to contend with the likes of Stefano and Theodore – twisted individuals who have made their horrific homes inside of STEM and are warping the weakened world to suit their wills. Should the world be completely destroyed, there won’t be any escape for Sebastian or Lily.

Experience the horror in the new gameplay trailer here:

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