The Division Update 1.5 Survival

Posted on 23 Nov 2016 by
David Pink

Yesterday marked the official release date of the newest content for Tom Clancy’s The Division with both the 1.5 Update Patch (free to all) and its newest DLC content ‘Survival’ being available for download to all those Season Pass and Survival DLC owners.

After players got to test out and enjoy an early look into the 1.5 update last week, agents are free to explore all the new goodies included with the newest DLC with their friends on the Division live servers. Survival is being stated as the “ultimate Division survival fantasy”, for the first time in the game, agents will have to scavenge for basic supplies like food and clothing to stay alive during the raging snow storms, all while dealing with enemy forces trying to put you down for the count.

So, what exactly is included with the Survival Expansion? Take a gander down below:

  • Survival mode offers hardcore players the ultimate experience with perma-death and survival mechanics.
  • A modified version of Manhattan, reusing the entire open world will host 24 cold and hungry players.
  • Each game mode is session based, with game time lasting up to 2 hours.

The following content, changes and fixes are available for free to all platforms with the 1.5 Update patch:

  • The fifth World Tier has been added.
  • Enemy NPCs now leveled up to 34.
  • Tier 5 heroic Incursions now available.
  • Various named gear now implemented; Ferro’s mask, Skulls MC gloves, NinjaBike messenger Bag etc.
  • Base of Operations stash size has more than doubled, from 70 slots to 150 totals now.
  • Various weapon talent optimizations; Swift Reload, Provident, Hurried, Focused and Disciplined modified
  • Hip firing will now have stronger recoil when firing compared to aiming down sights with all weapon types.
  • 12 new weapon types (via World Tier 5); Famas Assault Rifle, MG5 Light Machinegun, Snub nosed Rhino pistol etc.
  • 4 new High-End named weapons; Golden Rhino, Urban MDR Assault Rifle, Tommy gun and Thompson m1928.
  • 3 new named gear sets; Final Measure, Hunter’s Faith and FrontLine have been added.
  • Added a radial menu for emotes
  • New UI rendering setting to reduce game latency at the cost of framerate.
  • Numerous bug fixes of varying types.

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