The CrossCode Story Continues

Posted on 03 Jul 2017

Radical Fish Games and Deck13 are happy to announce to all fans of their retro 2D action-RPG, CrossCode, that the long awaited Story update continuing Lea’s journey has finally arrived. With this update bringing the Steam Early Access game to version 0.9.5, a full release is just on the horizon, with aims of an early 2018 launch. For further details on all things CrossCode, check out the Press Release found below and/or give this lonely little link a tickle.

Official Press Release

The Story of CrossCode continues!

Basin Keep, July 3rd 2017 – Publisher Deck13 and developer Radical Fish are proud to announce that CrossCode finally got the Story update fans have been waiting for since months. Also: A new Trailer has been released!

It has been some time since we’ve contacted the press due to CrossCode. And that was for a reason. Its not that there haven’t been any news. CrossCode got updated several times and lots of gameplay improvements were made, new content was added. But we wanted to wait for something massive. Something, the fans have been waiting for since almost a year now.

CrossCode has been in Early Access for two years now. And the last major Story update has been released about one year ago. Since that day new gameplay areas were added. New quests were brought into the CrossWorlds. New skills were introduced. But the overall story did not continue. As of today this has changed. Version 0.9.5. (and its hotfixes) finally continued the story of our protagonist Lea.

With the new story parts out we’d like to announce that CrossCode is currently set for an early 2018 release. Shortly before the release, a near-to-final Story Update will be introduced. And after that, the launch will happen. To celebrate todays news, we’ve also released a new Gameplay Trailer for the game.

CrossCode is a true homage to the 16 bit era. Think of Secret of Mana having an affair with the classic top-down Zelda games. Like, you know, a really wild one. It’s the Action RPG you’ve always dreamed about, a perfect synthesis of time-tested gameplay and modern controls. Slip into the role of Lea as she logs into CrossWorlds – a fictional MMO of the distant future. Experience a story full of mysteries and balls. Experience a modern take on the past.


About Deck13

Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany’s leading developers. With more than 60 employees and studios located in Frankfurt and Hamburg, Deck13 Interactive has developed over 20 titles, including major releases such as Lords of the Fallen. With the “Deck13 Games” label the team established a publishing service in 2014 to help independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences. With an experienced team and access to the major console markets Deck13 Games is a growing division with more than 10 published titles in which Deck13 has managed Producing, Localization, QA, PR and Distribution.

About Radical Fish Games

We are a young studio and crazy about details. So we tend to polish our stuff, be it animations, controls, physics or that one pixel in the interface that just didn’t seem right. We like our games with a touching story and deep, fast-paced gameplay. You find those qualities in RPGs, Action-Adventures, Beat’em Ups, and all kind of genres, really. So we think: why not simply mix up those genres and create something new? And since we all grew up in the 16bit area, we add some good ol’ 2D sprite art on top. That’s what we do in a nutshell.

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