The Crew Wants YOU to Join the Police

Posted on 17 Aug 2016 by
L Coulsen

It’s been a wee while since anything of any real substance came out of The Crew. After the Wild Run expansion, there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot that needed doing, truth be told. Apart from fixing that ruddy bug where maps won’t load properly! Though it may seem like Ubisoft have been sitting on their laurels since…and they may well have been, for all we know. Anyway, as of November 29th, the next expansion, Calling all Units, will launch. Alongside an Ultimate Edition that will include this, all previous Season Pass content and the Wild Run expansion.

As the name suggest, Calling All Units puts you behind the wheels of a brand new, super car police unit. Adding in new gameplay modes that pit players against each other in a game of chase. Some as police, some as 5/10s. It also increases the level cap by 10 and will include a “wide range” of, as yet, unannounced vehicles. Whether this will be available to existing Season Pass owners, or launch as a separate expansion is also unclear, but I would expect the latter.

Keep your eyes peeled and your engines revved, because more details are coming soon.

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