The Cinema Rose – Kickstarter Relaunch and New Trailers

Posted on 05 Nov 2018

The Cinema Rosa Kickstarter campaign has been relaunched , asking for a tiny £3,322 they’ve already raised a third of their goal. Additionally, there’s two new videos – the trailer embedded above and a dev diary linked in the press release below.

Official Press Release


We’ve relaunched on Kickstarter and have reached 32% funding at the end of our first week. (

We have a new trailer here:

We have a new dev diary here:

Game Summary:

The Cinema Rosa is a new puzzle exploration game inspired by The Stanley Parable, Gone Home, What Remains of Edith Finch and Bioshock. We’ve all wanted a game that reacts as we explore, where the story is central, where puzzles have both a meaning and a purpose. The Cinema Rosa is that game: The rebirth of the puzzle explorer genre.

Puzzle exploration! Narrative driven! Spooky and Immersive!

If you liked the Stanley Parable, you’ll love the Cinema Rosa.

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