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Posted on 11 May 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Have you ever dreamed of being a captain? What about skipping the bridge and jumping straight to Admiral? But are you also a pacifist? Well, no worries, Deck13 Hamburg has you covered with TransOcean 2: Rivals. TransOcean 2 is an economic strategy simulator where you very build own shipping empire to take over the shipping world. Rivals features a full single player campaign, an endless mode and a multiplayer mode where you can duke it out against up to 7 opponents.

The game is out now but if you need more details glance over the press release below.

Official Press Release

MOENCHENGLADBACH, Germany – 11th May 2016 – Developer Deck13 Hamburg and publisher astragon Entertainment are happy to announce the worldwide release today of TransOcean 2: Rivals, the second chapter of their challenging economic strategy simulation series for PC and Mac with a suggested retail price of £18.99/€24.99.

In the online Multiplayer mode, up to eight rivals can compete against each other. Each game is divided into several rounds in which the players will have to complete various tasks in order to gain Victory Points, the criteria for which are defined randomly at the beginning of each game. Each play session will therefore offer new challenges and demand not only the employment of the players’ strategic skills but also a high amount of tactical flexibility.

The single-player campaign starts in North America and leads the player through six story chapters with steadily increasing levels of difficulty. Throughout the campaign they will not only learn about the gameplay elements and tactics of TransOcean 2: Rivals, but also discover new classes of ships, cargo and 60 redesigned harbours, the ideal training for a successful multiplayer career! A motivating medal system will inspire players to keep starting new game sessions in order to reach their optimum performance in each chapter.

In the Competition mode the game’s AI will adopt the part of the multiplayer mode’s human competitors. Every round offers testing victory conditions that will keep combining constantly into new fields of activity and whose completion will be awarded with valuable Victory points. Besides a keen sense for timing and economic inter-relationships, clever tricks such as acts of sabotage should be part of the player’s repertoire. The length of the game session and the number of enemy AI players (1 to 7) as well as the difficulty settings of the AI opponents are selectable by the player.

The Endless mode operates completely without any kind of constraints: Here ship owners will be able to manage their business to their heart’s content and work on growing it into their very own ocean carrier empire without any time limits or quests.

Demanding tasks will however not only be encountered on the open seas: During manual docking and undocking in the single-player mode of TransOcean 2: Rivals, captains will be able to prove their skills at the helm. This mini game will occur randomly whenever the tugboat crews decide to go on strike for better pay.


  • Three varied single-player game modes: The challenging ‘Campaign’, the tranquil ‘Endless Game’ and the ‘Competition’ mode against AI opponents
  • The popular single-player 3D mini-game is back! Man the wheel of your own ship and navigate through some pretty tricky situations
  • Compete against up to seven other players in Multiplayer mode and employ the best strategy to earn Victory Points
  • New types of ship and cargo: Next to Container Ships there are now also Tankers and Bulk Ships, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve your ships with a wide range of upgrades
  • Over 60 ports across all continents
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