Super Catboy – Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Posted on 18 Nov 2021

Indie developers Pixelpogo have released a new trailer for Super Catboy that takes a look at some of Catboy’s abilities and the levels you’ll be exploring when the game releases in Spring 2022.

Official Press Release

We’re Not Kitten Around –

Super Catboy Gets a Launch Date and New Dev Diary

Join the Devs as they showcase Catboy’s prowl-less and charming purrsonality.

Wiesbaden, Germany – 18th November, 2021. Fabulous news for cat lovers! Indie developer Pixelpogo is thrilled to reveal the release date for their first title, a comical high-bit-style action platformer called Super Catboy. Set for release in Spring 2022, Super Catboy is a delightful and energetic action-platformer following the exploits of the titular character, Catboy. Together with the eccentric, gun-touting Weapon Girl, Catboy will jump, climb, claw, and shoot his way through dastardly mutated doggos to confront and defeat the evil Dr. Ungefug. Designed in a high-bit pixel-art style, the developers not only captured the nostalgic essence of eras’ past, but combined it with some of the best and newest ideas of the present. Today, the team is pleased to release a new video, showing viewers even more of what’s in store in Super Catboy.

“Being born in the 90s and growing up with titles like Megaman X, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country, it was our dream to make a game that we would love to play ourselves.” said Thomas Flachs, Pixelgogo Co-Founder. “We hope the players have as much fun playing Super Catboy as we had developing it.”

Equipped with an arsenal of firearms, both Catboy and his punchy sidekick Weapon Girl will traverse snow-capped mountain ranges, mystical forests, derelict factories, and in true cat fashion — commit cat crimes by trespassing on private property (it’s ok, it’s the villain’s private property). Super Catboy is an action-packed platformer, featuring fast-paced and diverse gameplay, combining the spirit of 90s run’n’gun mechanics with some truly pawsome platforming and melee combat. Unravel the story’s yarn via detailed pixel art cutscenes, diverse levels and a heaping load of cat content.

To learn more about Super Catboy and add the game to your wishlist, visit the official Steam store page here. Super Catboy will launch on Windows PC and Mac via Steam in Spring 2022. For more on the game and the development team, visit the official site at

To keep current with all things Super Catboy, follow the game on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and join the official Super Catboy Discord server.

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