Space-faring Has Never Been Easier

Posted on 08 Jun 2017 by
Lee Braden

Chucklefish have released the big 1.3 update for Starbound and reintroduces items from early development.

Firstly, Mech’s are back, and they are more adaptable than before, you can find new parts, customize them, and use the Mech’s in space or on ground, there are even some good humorous parts you can find as well. Now, space exploration has been changed heavily, navigational systems have been given an overhaul that allows for easier viewing of systems as well as choosing where to go, there are even space stations, other ships and blank areas for you to visit.

‘Build Your Own Spacestation’ (patent pending) has arrived, chose a spot, order in a central box and go forth, building and decorating your station as you see fit, with different modules, and a lot of new items for you to use as the build menu has expanded. There are a whole raft of smaller changes and bug fixes that would make this news article massive, so here’s a few quick highlighted ones that people have been asking for to peek your interest.

  • Gameplay will now pause in Singleplayer when the menu is opened
  • Auto-Sorting inventory will now stack items
  • Cheese is now given a cost and can be launched into space for profit
  • Due to changes with exploration, Engineers and Mechanics will give flat bonuses to ship speed and fuel efficiency
  • Asteroid fields have no gravity and can be entered anywhere in their ring now due to changes

So, time to head on in and see what has changed in Starbound, and also get ready for the usual “patch day when half the mods stop working” issue as well.

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