Sombra Hacks The Planet in Overwatch

Posted on 17 Nov 2016 by
Jordan Fong

After months and months of being teased by Blizzard about the upcoming hero Sombra, we finally get to see what she’s capable of.

In the past weeks, a grueling ARG (alternate reality game) was concluded and our shady friend finally showed her face. Sombra is an ace hacker who can hack other players and med kits, teleport, and even cloak herself temporarily. She’s not the only change to come to Overwatch recently.

Arcade mode has now replaced the weekly brawl. Under the umbrella of arcade mode, we get some fantastic new game mode: 1v1 random heroes (first to 5 wins), 3v3 deathmatch (first to 3 wins), random heroes per spawn, and the weekly brawl playlist where you now play a random brawl rotation. Hero stacking has now been removed from quick play, but is still accessible through the “No Limits” arcade mode.

If you’d like to see all the changes, you can view the patch notes on the official forums, and to those who’ve been waiting for Sombra… get hacking!

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