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Posted on 03 May 2022

Daisy Games (Dark Crypt, Dark Sheep) have announced a new puzzle game, Sokobos. This time ditching the horror and skeletons theme of their previous games and moving the block pushing puzzling to a Greek mythology theme. The game will feature 60 levels and mixes up the Sokoban formula by not just having you push blocks but also rotate pieces. Sokobos is out now on Steam.

Official Press Release

Sokoban meets Greek Tragedy!

Sokobos is a minimalistic, brain-twisting puzzler game that expands on the classic block-pushing formula (aka Sokoban) with a story inspired by Greek tragedies.


In each level you must assemble all the structures by pushing them into their destination. This can be anything from a pillar to a statue of Zeus and even a temple. As you progress through the game, more elements are introduced such as bridges you must build first, ability to rotate each part, gates that can be opened by activating pressure plates and more!


Aeschylus took an oath to the Greek gods. He is granted inhuman strength and is tasked with building a temple worthy of the great Zeus, however he must do this by himself. If he succeeds, his father’s town will prosper and outshine even Athens. However, Sokobos’ story is a Greek tragedy, not everything will go according to the plan.


  • 60 challenging levels
  • Infinite undos
  • Unique mechanics uncommon in the Sokoban genre
  • Optional move optimisation mode with a leaderboard system
  • Colorblind support; Trichromatic, Dichromatic and Monochromatic options.
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