Sins Rebellion – Five Year Anniversary Update

Posted on 07 Apr 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Ironclad games and Stardock are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of their popular RTS/4x game, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

To reward players who are still keeping the Rebellion gaming scene active, Ironclad are releasing their 1.9 update (they should probably copy the Paradox update style; Banks, Asimov, Clarke etc., they just stick in the mind). Being added are some major features for a five year old game, including; Graphical Overhaul (to make even 4K gaming look good), Memory Optimization (allowing even bigger battles) and Late Game Optimization (for smoother gameplay and more challenging AI).

Sins series (and all its iterations) has been keeping me entertained since 2008, and is one of the best Space RTS games in existence. Their unique approach to the RTS genre, breaches the gap between short RTS game and full blown 4X strategy, so if you enjoy either of these genres, or just like throwing fleets of spaceships at each other, then don’t miss out on this modern classic any longer!

Official Press Release

Plymouth, MI. April 4, 2017 – Stardock and Ironclad Games released a v1.9 update for the popular RT4X Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion today. This major update coincides with the 5-year anniversary of the series and has made significant changes to the game engine, AI, graphics systems, and more.

This is what I call the ‘modernization update’,” said Blair Fraser, producer for the Sins of a Solar Empire series. “My primary goal was to create a 4k remastering that thrives being played on modern gaming rigs. We are thrilled to deliver the best Sins: Rebellion yet.”

With the latest upgrade the game engine can now access twice the previous memory allowing for improved rendering, extreme textures, and more content. Modders can now focus on their creations instead of worrying about reaching the previous limit. Every existing mod will now benefit from all the rendering and performance improvements automatically.

Highlights include:

  • Improved rendering for 4K with extreme textures, shadows, and more
  • Scaleable User Interface for 4K monitors
  • Improved modding capabilities
  • Refined AI for better gameplay
  • Free update

Numerous performance enhancements make for better battles and a better late game experience. Adjustments to the AI make for more challenging and engaging gameplay overall, and support for user interface scaling has the game looking its best ever.

v1.9 is free and now available for owners of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Non-owners can take advantage of an anniversary sale from April 4 – 6 and save 75% off of the base game on Steam or Stardock. For more information, please visit


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