Shoot Demons in Hellbreach: Vegas

Posted on 11 Nov 2022 by
L Coulsen

They say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And when it’s a horde of ravening demons, that’s probably for the best. So get ready to jump into Hellbreach: Vegas and make sure that adage holds true. Coming in 2023, you’ll just have to hope you can survive. So that we all survive. Oof.

Official Press Release

Annihilate waves of demons in HELLBREACH: VEGAS (Coming 2023)

Kill or be devoured in wave-based first-person shooter survival: Hellbreach: Vegas

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and Developer Infinity Ape Studios are wiping out demons with the announcement of Hellbreach: Vegas!

This wave-based first-person shooter survival game pits individuals and teams of human survivors against a demon army, determined to invade a post-apocalyptic Earth.

A single survivor or a team of up to four must fight to survive waves of demon hordes making their way through the tattered remnants of Las Vegas.

The difficulty and intensity of enemies increases with each wave, as does the adrenaline and excitement. There is only one way to win – keep wasting demons before they waste you!

Each round will be more challenging than the last. Earn enough experience and cash to upgrade your weapons, or unlock other perks and bonuses that will help you to stay alive.

Loadout and choose from 23 weapons available in the full release. With a combination of modern and futuristic weapons, you can slay demons in your preferred style! Just make sure that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

As long as you’re in sin city, you have to play the slots! Collect skulls for demon slaying and play the Pull-A-Skull Machine, and convert your winnings into MORE winnings at the prize, boost, or weapon slot machines.

If you want to hone your skills, try Gun Pro mode to train for accuracy with all weapon types. Gun Pro is also the most promising mode for friendly competitions. Who can race through all the guns first?

Nobody knows where the demons came from. Your mission? Send them all back and stay alive!

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