Roman Empire Wars – Announcement

Posted on 01 Sep 2021

Emperor Games has revealed Roman Empire Wars, an RTS where players take on the historic battles from the glory days of the Roman Empire. Players will face everyone from Gauls to Huns across the game’s various campaigns. Check out the trailer above and press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

Hi! I would like to present our latest game – Roman Empire Wars. It’s a realistic Real-Time Strategy in which players can play historic battles set in the glory days of the Roman Empire.

During the various campaigns, players will travel all over Europe, from Greece and Carthage to the United Kingdom, where they will fight for territory with different barbaric nations. Each nation, be it the Gauls, the Huns or the Spartans, will require a different tactical approach and cleverness to lead the legions to victory.

We hope you like it! We’ve done our best to make sure that Roman Empire Wars is polished in every way. We are aware that this type of game should not only look nice, but also be legible in every way.

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