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Posted on 03 Mar 2016 by
J. A. Kinghorn

At the start of the month, Harmonix launched a Fig crowd funding campaign in the hopes of bringing the latest incarnation of their Rock Band series to PC. But, as the developers explain in the video above, they don’t want to just do a straight up port and they need fans’ help in achieving their vision. Harmonix want the PC version to bring back user generated content to the series via Steam Workshop, allowing players to submit their own music and making those songs playable for everyone.

The developers go on to elaborate why they’ve chosen to crowd fund for this port, saying they want to use the money raised by the campaign to hire another studio, Sumo Digital, to make the PC version so that Harmonix themselves can continue adding new features to Rock Band 4 across all platforms. They hope that this way they won’t have to compromise on quality for either version of the game and that, in time, new features can be implemented for the console versions alongside a PC version, meaning all platforms get the latest features at the same time. They also add that they chose to use Fig specifically for their campaign as the crowd funding platform offers backers a variety of ways to show their support. Alongside traditional backer rewards—such as the full game before the official release date, extra songs, t-shirts and even an in-game credit—Fig also allows you to invest in projects, allowing you to gain a share of any profits a fully funded project makes.

For the indie side of the industry, funding projects with Fig’s twist on backer rewards makes a lot of sense. This approach further engages consumers and, as the campaign itself says, ‘democratizes’ game development as well as any financial success from those projects.

Rock Band 4, permitting the crowd-funding campaign reaches its target of $1,500,000, should be available for PC during the Autumn of 2016. Not only will the PC port have all the same content and features as its console counterparts plus Steam Workshop support for your own songs, but it will also support the wireless guitar controller, drum kit and microphone as well as have mouse and keyboard support for menu navigation.

With a month and over $1,200,000 left to go until the campaign reaches its funding goal, it’ll be interesting to see if the campaign really can drum up the cash. Its success (or indeed failure) will certainly paint a picture about the future of crowd-funding campaigns and whether Fig’s approach is truly the next step in its evolution. That Harmonix chose such a high funding ceiling and are using a relatively new crowd funding platform is curious but it is for a game in a massively popular series so perhaps Rock Band 4 PC will weather the odds and reach the goal in the end. Watch this space.

Official Press Release

BOSTON, MA, March 1, 2016 –Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. has today commenced a Fig crowdfunding campaign to bring Rock Band™ 4 to PC players. During the next 35 days, fans will get the chance to own a piece of Rock Band history by going to ( to support the project and make their Rock Band dreams come true.

Targeting a release on Steam in Fall 2016, the PC version will truly democratize video game revenue in two ways. First, supporters are given the option of backing the game for traditional rewards or becoming an investor in the project through Fig to receive a percentage of game revenues. Secondly, Rock Band 4 for PC will provide players with the tools to author their own songs, bringing user-generated content back to Rock Band! Players can submit their own songs to the Rock Band Network via Steam Workshop, making them playable by everyone in the Rock Band 4 community on Steam.

Rock Band 4 on consoles is an expanding platform receiving new updates every month, and the PC version of Rock Band 4 will launch with the same features and content updates from the console game. After release, it will continue to be updated alongside the console versions. Highlighted features include:

  • World Tour Campaign Mode
  • Freestyle Guitar Solos
  • 65 songs included “out of the box”, plus up to 33 additional songs for backers on Fig
  • 1,700+ additional playable songs available as downloadable content
  • Wireless guitar, drum kit and next-generation microphone support.

Harmonix sees Fig as the logical evolution of crowdfunding. With options to become a backer or investor, Harmonix and Fig are delighted to offer the opportunity to participate in the creation and potential success of Rock Band 4 on PC.

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Comments (2)

Posts: 133
Simon Sirmenis
Posted 05 Mar 2016, 18:12
This is going to be either a complete flop or a huge success. On one hand they are asking for way too much on a site that no one knows about. On the other hand there aren't too many games like this on PC and I think people would still want to have it.

Posts: 349
L Coulsen
Posted 04 Mar 2016, 07:40
I think they just need to accept that these types of games have run their course. The interest just isn't there like it used to be