Project CARS 2 Got Us All Rally’d Up

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Late 2017, that’s the release window for Slightly Mad Studio’s next game, Project Cars 2. It’s a racing game, you drive in circles and usually end the race where you started it…at the finish line.

That’s of course, if you believe anything Omnipotus has to say about motorsports, and he obviously couldn’t be more wrong. Especially in the case of Rallycross, where you’re constantly up/downshifting, balancing the brake and gas pedals while manhandling the handbrake and doing some 20m long jumps. All while trying not to crash into the other cars that do the exact same thing…”just going in circles”…pfft.

Slightly Mad Studios is working closely with one of Rallycross’ teams to make sure the experience is just right. I personally hope they also address the driving physics and especially the car sounds with Project Cars 2. Just looking at the graphics from the trailer, it doesn’t seem like they improved it a lot.

It certainly isn’t an ugly game, but if you told me this was a DLC for the first game, I would have believed you.

Official Press Release

Rallycross – one of the world’s most thrilling and action-packed motorsports, will come fully-loaded to Project CARS 2 with an array of licensed cars and tracks in late 2017. Unleashing superstar drivers and their popping, anti-turbo-lag fire-cracking 600-horsepower race cars in arenas crammed with passionate fans, Rallycross is a sharp, loud and violent motorsport. Which features the quickest accelerating cars on earth hurtling over 70-foot jumps and fighting side-by-side on dirt and asphalt tracks.

Merging the authentic physics, unsurpassed visual fidelity, and superior driving dynamics synonymous with the Project CARS franchise along with a technical partnership with one of the sport’s most legendary teams (OMSE), Rallycross—a global phenomenon where violent contact at breakneck speeds is just one part of an adrenaline-churning show—is coming unbridled to virtual racers with Project CARS 2.

The development of Rallycross for Project CARS 2 has seen developers Slightly Mad Studios sign real-world Honda Factory Global Rallycross racing stars Mitchell deJong and Oliver Eriksson as consultants. Along with a technical partnership with their employers, fabled Rallycross team OMSE—19 X Games medals, winners of every Rallycross championship title in the US, and official suppliers of Supercar Lites Rallycross cars worldwide. Rallycross in Project CARS 2 will deliver both officially-licensed cars and tracks, and a faithful recreation of this exhilarating and unique motorsport.

Project CARS 2 drivers will experience the rush of driving purpose-built Rallycross cars such as Mitchell and Oliver’s Honda Civic Coupe on scanned real-world Rallycross tracks including US-based DirtFish and Daytona, Lånkebanen in Norway, and the track where it all began half-a-century ago—Lydden Hill in the UK.

Authenticity doesn’t get any more real!

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David Pink
Posted 11 Apr 2017, 21:27
As editor of PixelJudge, I must say, I'm always right, or well, let me put it this way, even if I'm wrong, I'll make sure I'm right in the end, YOU BETTER WATCH YOURSELF BUCKO! :)

P.s. Sim racing games are incredibly boring, F1 car games are insanely boring, Rally, isn't too bad to be honest, it's not Need For Speed Underground 2 or Burnout, but they arn't terrible :)
Edited on 11 Apr 2017, 21:28

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L Coulsen
Posted 17 Apr 2017, 16:34
Vroom vroom