Postal HD Remake Out on May 20

Posted on 14 May 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

Entitled POSTAL Redux, the HD remaster also comes with a few new levels, and a score attack mode. Rampage, the aforementioned score attack mode, will integrate with leaderboards and letter grades, giving you and your friends a chance to compete against one another in the frenetic, twin-stick shooting action of the original game. POSTAL Redux is coming to Steam later this month, on May 20th, with a release coming to PS4 sometime in Q4 of this year.

Official Press Release

TUCSON, Arizona – May 10, 2016 – POSTAL Redux, an HD remaster of the classic 19-year-old twin-stick shooter, will arrive on Steam, May 20th for Windows. More than just a remaster, POSTAL Redux will include new levels and a challenging new gameplay mode called Rampage.

Console gamers will be able to relish the rapid-fire action enjoyed by millions of their PC counterparts in Q4 2016 when Running With Scissors releases the game on PlayStation 4, marking the franchise’s first appearance on console. SteamOS and Mac gamers will be able to enjoy POSTAL Redux soon after the Windows Release.

With the new powerful addition of Rampage, POSTAL fans will go wild. The outrageous single-player game play mode rewards an aggressive style of play by increasing a multiplier for each consecutive kill in a streak. Players will receive a score and letter grade following the completion of each level. Rampage Mode will incentivize gamers to replay levels using different strategies to increase their score. Players will be able to compete with their friends for the highest scores on Steam. Rampage gives gamers endless hours of fun, with its addictive and replayable gameplay.

One of the new levels, The Carnival, will give gamers the opportunity to explore and battle through an amusement park filled with classic rides including a Ferris wheel. A new final level will also be added.

POSTAL Redux takes place in a world gone MAD. Crazed gunmen armed to the teeth and overly-aggressive law enforcement will shoot anyone. Players control The POSTAL Dude, a man who lives by his own rules and is teetering on the brink of sanity, as he fights back with a high-powered arsenal through a kill-or-be-killed psychological thriller.

The core of what made the original POSTAL world-renowned returns as strongly as ever in POSTAL Redux; the tense atmosphere, demonic narrator and unapologetic subject matter is faithfully updated in this modernized version of one of the most iconic symbols for free speech in gaming history.

“19 years ago, we had no clue of the impact that POSTAL would have on society and gaming history.” said Vince Desi, founder of Running With Scissors. “On behalf of everyone at RWS we give thanks for the many years of support.”

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David Pink
Posted 18 May 2016, 02:13
This really does look amaturish, has a "mobile gaming" look to it... kind of like what you'd expect Postal to look like running on a Nintendo DS. I didn't love the 3rd game, but I didn't hate it either, was ok, had it's moments.

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L Coulsen
Posted 17 May 2016, 12:36
Running With Scissors themselves tell people not to buy it, that's how bad it is

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 16 May 2016, 23:27
Postal 3 was bad in a way that you can kind of enjoy it...somewhat.
This is not another one but a remake...which imo looks worse than the original. Maybe its me but the art looks amateurish. The devs have stated that its intentional but I see that as a mistake. Makes the game look cheap.

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Kyle Johnson
Posted 16 May 2016, 22:41
I heard Postal 3 was really bad. Is anyone really clamoring for another postal game?

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L Coulsen
Posted 14 May 2016, 21:41
That's awesome. Hopefully they'll go on to make a Postal 4.

That doesn't suck