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Are you a zombie, waiting peevishly but undaunted for more news on the Vampire Counts in Total War: Warhammer? Well, seems like your patients has finally paid off. SEGA and CA have released a new update on the Vampire Counts; as an addition to their previous siege battle, this complements the overall information we have concerning the faction specific gameplay in the upcoming title.

With developer commentary guiding you, check out the mechanics of the Vampire Counts on the world map, whether it be the Raise Dead recruitment mechanic, the introduction of Heinrich Kemmler or the overall abilities of this undead ‘nation’.

The question now is, will we get to see Chaos as well…oh wait, pre-release DLC. Never mind…

Official Press Release

Total War: WARHAMMER – New Vampire Counts Campaign gameplay revealed

Creative Assembly have unveiled more new gameplay from Total War: WARHAMMER, focussing on the Vampire Counts and some of their unique gameplay mechanics, technology and battlefield units.

This new video also provides an in-depth look at the Raise Dead recruitment mechanic, and how it improves as the corpse-count rises and the bodies stack up…

With dev commentary, this Campaign Walkthrough also introduces the Master Necromancer Heinrich Kemmler, and examines some of the most powerful abilities in the Vampire Counts’ arsenal.

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