No Sweet Dreams Here, Only Bad Ones and Demo’s

Posted on 18 Jan 2017 by
J. A. Kinghorn

With the point and click horror styling of Fran Bow comes the more straight forwardly named Bad Dream: Coma. What’s happening? You’re in a coma. Why am I seeing these horrible things? Bad Dreams…ah, well, that’s alright then…wait, what?

The game is set in a demented world of black, white and red. You can’t die here but, as the Steam page helpfully puts it, “you can suffer greatly.” Bad Dream: Coma markets itself as a spooky fun house that players can play and replay non-linearly, seeing something new every time. The game is set to make a bloody mess on Steam this February, but a demo is currently available to explore right now, just head on over to the official Bad Dream: Coma Steam page and enjoy!

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