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Posted on 27 Jun 2019

Grab your keys and get into the driving seat of a Parisian taxi cab for Night Call, a murder mystery where you’ll question 70+ characters each with their own stories to tell. Ultimately though, you’re after a single murderer. Night Call is releasing on 17 July 2019 for PC on Steam and Xbox Game Pass. A console release will follow later this year.

Official Press Release

Night Call Ready for Passengers on July 17th

The narrative murder mystery will release via Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC this summer

Night Call, a neo-noir narrative investigation game created by the talented folks at Monkey Moon and Black Muffin and published by Raw Fury, is headed to Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC on July 17th and console later in 2019.

The developers have been meticulously creating the deep, personal stories of every passenger in-game as well as the beautiful noir aesthetic that brings modern day Paris to life in preparation for its launch in a few weeks.

NIGHT CALL – Find the killer before it’s too late.

A serial killer is loose, and the police suspect you, since you were the last person seen with the most recent victim. Do whatever you can in order to find the real killer or they will pin it all on you.

As a taxi driver, you meet new people every night. Do what you do best: get people to talk while they’re in the back of your cab. Listen carefully, for clues and info to help you pinpoint the killer. Who knows, maybe even the murderer will slip up…

Night Call explores gritty, mature themes as a dark reflection of real life in the City of Lights. Can you uncover the identity of the killer? A guilty suspect in one playthrough may be completely innocent in the next in this non-linear narrative game.

In each playthrough, you’ll encounter a multitude of characters from the pool of 70+ total characters available, each carefully crafted with gripping stories and detailed backgrounds. These meetings will help steer you toward unraveling the identity of this killer loose—but only if you ask your passengers the right questions…

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