Narru: The Forgotten Lands – Announcement

Posted on 09 May 2022

Indie developers DreamStorm Studios have announced that their puzzle adventure game Narru: The Forbidden Lands will be coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Yeah, that’s it. The game exists and there’s a trailer for you to check out above and a press release below detailing how you’ll use your light and smarts to solve puzzles and leave flowers all over the world as you explore.

Official Press Release

Resurrect a forgotten world in 3D narrative puzzler Narru: The Forgotten Lands

Sprout life wherever you go through the power of light

Gliwice, Poland – May 5th, 2022 – Indie developer DreamStorm Studios has revealed its upcoming narrative-driven puzzler Narru: The Forgotten Lands, is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox consoles. Use the power of light to resurrect an abandoned world and discover the mysteries of its past.

Narru: the Forgotten Lands is a story-driven puzzle game about bringing a dead world back to life and uncovering the secrets of an ancient civilization. As a mysterious orb of light, you must explore this derelict landscape searching for clues about its past inhabitants. Everywhere you go you leave a trail of blooming flora in your wake, offering a colorful painterly experience to your movement.

As you explore the land you’ll solve puzzles to activate ancient mechanisms and reveal secrets of those who came before you. Learn and master new abilities like water walking, wall climbing, and more to reach new secrets as you explore the island. Travel through forests, seas, mountains, and underground ruins to explore different stages of the lost civilization’s history.

“There are many puzzle games on the market, but we want Narru to be something more than just a relaxing puzzle game,” said Michał Łazowski, Art Director at DreamStorm Studios. “We want it to be an experience, with its deep narrative and mesmerizing world-painting system that allows you to break away from everyday worries. It’s a game that helps calm your mind. With Narru, we wanted to explore the idea of bringing life to the world, instead of destroying it.”

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