Mythos: Slavic Builder – Announcement

Posted on 25 Mar 2021

Madnetic Games and PlayWay have revealed Mythos: Slavic Builder, an RTS set in a fairy-tale version of Slavic myths that will allow players to earn favour with neutral monsters and add them to their forces. Check out the press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

Today we would like to show you our new upcoming game from Madnetic Games that we announced today: Mythos: Slavic Builder, an RTS game set in the world of Slavic legends.

Mythos: Slavic Builder is a real-time strategy game set in the fairy-tale world of Slavic legends. As the leader of a young Slavic tribe, you will build a living gord to keep your people happy and safe.

In the mythical land of the Slavs there is no shortage of food and natural resources, but they are guarded by the mighty monsters. They defend these riches fiercely against the violent, but will gladly share them with anyone who shows them respect and give offerings. Slavic gods look favorably upon such cooperation, and their faithful followers can count on many great blessings.

Using the help of monsters and gods is one of many ways to keep your tribesmen pleased. Happy settlers will work hard for the tribe’s glory, but if you fail to fulfil their needs they may abandon you or even turn against you. And you surely wouldn’t want a revolt when the servants of foreign gods come to pillage your land.

Key features:

  • Fast and dynamic RTS combat

  • Entertaining economy based on production chains and workers’ happiness

  • Unique neutral monsters’ favor system allowing you to control such creatures as Leshen or Drowners

  • Technology trees build around Slavic gods and the Tradition System

  • Fairy-tale take on Slavic mythos

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