Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote

Posted on 31 Mar 2016 by
Nail Garejev

Microsoft’s Build conference is mostly aimed at developers, but the announcements there also give a hint on what to expect in the future. In our case, gaming future where MS is starting to take action on their promise to properly support PC gaming.

Phil Spencer used the keynote to acknowledge the issues the community was having the Windows Store and promised that the situation will be greatly improved. UWP games should become more playable in May, as MS promises to add exclusive full screen support to UWP. This will allow players to turn off V-Sync and use variable refresh rates with G-Sync and FreeSync. The overlays, like FRAPS, Steam, Origin, and others will be supported. Even mod support should become available though the extent of it is unknown at the moment.

Microsoft promotes UWP for game developers, mentioning how easy it makes a simultaneous Xbox One and Win 10 development. Using this functionality, Turn 10 will release all future Forza games on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Developers also have an option to package their older Win32 games as UWP and sell them on Windows Store. Microsoft demonstrated this technology by repackaging Age of Empires II HD (the Steam version) and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as Universal Windows Apps.

It’s going to be interesting to see how, when or if all the promises come to fruition and where will it all lead. But only time will show.

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