Mars Colony Builder – New Trailer

Posted on 24 Aug 2021

Dark Star Studio, PlayWay S.A., and GameHunters have released a new trailer for their upcoming Martian colony building sim Mars Colony Builder. You can check out the minute of footage above and press release below for a little info.

Official Press Release

Hi, this is Bartek from GameHunters studio! I’m writing to you because we have just uploaded a new trailer of our game – Mars Colony Builder. Take a look at it and we’ll talk about the details in a second 🙂

Didn’t it come out fantastic? In this still in development game, players will take on the role of the first colonizer of the Red Planet. We start the game by looking for a suitable place, with the appropriate number of natural deposits available at hand. Then we move on to building the settlement and finally introduce the first inhabitants, to slowly expand the colony and transform it into a real Martian city!

There are also plenty of dangers waiting for the players! Dynamically changing weather, Martian climate and a huge number of random events that we have implemented into the gameplay. It will not be an easy task! We want to create serious challenges for virtual colonizers, taking inspiration from such hits as Banished and Survivng Mars when designing Mars Colony Builder.

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