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Posted on 09 Sep 2021

Mahokenshi (“Magic swordsman”/”Swordsman mage”) is a new deckbuilding adventure from Game Source Studio and will put you in the role of one of the titular Japanese style samurai mages exploring the Celestial Islands to battle demons and protect the land from corruption.

Official Press Release

Mahokenshi, an original blend of adventure and deckbuilding, launches first trailer

Paris, France – 8th September 2021. Game Source Studio has today announced Mahokenshi, their new title combining adventure and deckbuilding, with a first trailer available here. The game page is now available on Steam for players to wishlist and combines card game mechanics with a unique touch of exploration and map traversal, with lore inspired from Japanese-folklore and mythos.

In Mahokenshi, players will become powerful samurai mages, Mahokenshi, fighting to defend the Celestial Islands from an ancient enemy, the forces of corruption. Wielding both steel and magic, they will choose their samurai from one of the four different houses, which define how they build their decks. Each house provides a particular play style and gets its power from a different elemental spirit, the Kami.

  • House Sapphire – Defensive, drawing its power from the Kappa, ruler of lakes and rivers.
  • House Topaz – Cunning, drawing its power from the Kitsune, master of fire and illusion.
  • House Ruby – Fierce, drawing its power from the Tengu, winged lord of the mountains.
  • se Jade – Secretive, drawing its power from the Ogumo, spider kami of the deep forest.

Mahokenshi features over 300 lovingly illustrated cards, as well as fully animated 3D characters and colorful and vibrant maps divided in hex cells for players to navigate, explore and fight on during their adventures. As they roam around the Celestial Islands they will face powerful foes, come across villages and other opportunities to grow their decks and evolve their cards to stronger versions.

The game combines tactics, exploration and deckbuilding, with strategic play essential, as the forces of corruption will be challenging foes. The turn-based combat offers time to consider the next moves and create powerful card combos. Once the players complete the main campaign the characters will unlock new perks and abilities to take into the following playthrough.

Mahokenshi has been designed and created by a team within Game Source Studio, lead by David Cicurel, award-winning board game designer, with titles like Chronicles of Crime under his belt. His game design know-how is an integral part of Mahokenshi, which draws inspiration from both board game theory as well as other turn-based classical videogames.

“Mahokenshi is part of my quest of finding innovative ways for mixing board games and video games. It’s a true adventure that features everything I wished for the players: Interesting challenges, impactful choices and an immersive universe.” said David Cicurel, Game Director at Gamesource.

Mahokenshi will be released into Early Access early 2022. Players can follow the game’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with the latest news.

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