Is Your Vive Late?

Posted on 12 Apr 2016 by
Jordan Fong

HTC has recently released an FAQ style statement on how and why the Vive may be coming later than expected for some. Despite the delivery delay the company seems to be on the ball when it comes to keeping up with pre-order questions and concerns. Some of the more important questions such as shipping charge and customer service discrepancies have been addressed. Some of the more important answers:

  • Vive will ship the month your confirmations states, and will ship out in order of pre-purchases.
  • In case of shipping charge issues, you will be refunded the difference.
  • Bundled content should arrive by email within 24 hours of shipping confirmation.
  • Cancelled and re-ordered Vives will be placed back in their original position.
  • And finally, shipments are not to be expected on weekends, however in my case (Fedex, Canada) I was able to delay my shipment until the weekend. I had to do this since, like all Vives, they must be signed personally by the buyer.

I have already received my Vive, got it on the 9th. I’ve been using it day in and day out and you should expect a rundown of the Vive experience as well as game impressions in the coming weeks.

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Simon Sirmenis
Posted 12 Apr 2016, 14:49
I'm still on a fence. On one hand i really want VR but on the other i cant shake a feeling that we need to wait for further iterations and beer software (games, proper AAA games) lineup.