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Posted on 02 Dec 2020

Thai indie developer MSOFT have announced Into The Void, a single-player survival game that takes place in a city flooded with poisonous gas and zombies. The game will feature the usual survival mechanics; scavenging, crafting, managing hunger and thirst, and trying not to get your face eaten by zombies. Into The Haze is releasing into Early Access in Q1 2021.

Official Press Release

MSOFT studio from Thailand reveals their first video game, Into the Haze.

A single-player survival game set in the lock-down city player is left alone in the abandoned tower full of poisonous gas.

November 26, 2020 – Nonthaburi, Thailand. MSOFT is a video game development studio located in Thailand

the company dedicated to creating video games for the PC platform, with 14 developers onboard their first release title

Into the Haze is expected to be released as early access on steam in Q1 2021.

Into the Haze is a single-player survival game set at the beginning of the apocalypse.

You wake up on the rooftop on the 40th floor of the abandoned tower.

The whole city is cover with poisonous gas. Gather resources, craft, build and fight zombies. Survive until help arrives.

Main Features

No holding hand, a survival game with permadeath set in the abandoned tower.

Scavenge resources and look for food and water.

Build and upgrade workbench and station to get access to new survival tools.

Encounter multiple threats at once hunger, thirst, zombies, poisonous gas, and many more

Into the Haze has a unique concept you are stuck in the tower no forest no ocean, unlike any other survival game.

The developers are going early access in order to hear voices and feedback from the community

to make sure this game will deliver the most enjoyable experience to players.

More information will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

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