Inmates Release Date Announced

Posted on 21 Sep 2017

Indie horror game Inmates was revealed a little while ago, and to our surprise it’s already got a release date and it’s soon. Does that count as a jump scare? If you fancy pottering around a possibly haunted prison looking for clues and solving puzzles while having your jeepers creepered you’ll be able to check out the game on 5 October 2017 when it’s released.

Official Press Release

Haarlem, the Netherlands – Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Davit Andreasyan announce the release date of psychological horror game Inmates. Inmates will be available for purchase on October 5 through Steam and all major digital retailers at an SRP of $9.99.

A new teaser trailer has been revealed, giving players a chilling introduction to the visceral terrors that await them. The “Despair” teaser can be viewed through Youtube below.

In Inmates, players assume the role of Jonathan. You wake up in a seedy prison cell, with no recollection of how you got there. Everything is unknown, yet familiar. What did these cells hold? What is a child doing in here? What is real and what is not? Can you make sense of it all, before you are lost forever? Unlock the prison’s secrets, through sharp and cunning puzzle and exploration gameplay mechanics.

Upon release, Inmates will receive Chinese, Russian, German, French, Italian and Spanish language support. Players can now wish-list the game on Steam in anticipation of its October 5 release.


  • Interact with the environment to unravel the truth
  • Intense and mind-bending puzzles
  • Suffocating setting
  • Disturbing imagery
  • High-quality graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Full controller support
  • Estimated game length: 3-4 hours
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