Immortal Redneck Releasing April 25th

Posted on 30 Mar 2017 by

The old-school shooter with rogue like elements, randomized levels, a skill tree and lots of dusty mummies is coming out on April 25 for PC, Mac and Linux. I’m lucky enough to get an early look in on ‘Immortal Redneck‘ in the next few days, so expect a little preview here at Pixel Judge sometime soon(ish).

It will be interesting to see how the 9 classes, 50 weapons and tons of skill-tree options will differ from each other, and how big the level variations in each playthrough will be. Reading through the big list of features this game comes rolling out with, it sounds like the FPS version of Enter the Gungeon, which I’m all for that.

Again, the game comes out on April 25th on PC, Mac and Linux, with releases on consoles coming sometime later this year.

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