Illusion Lands – First Trailer

Posted on 03 Dec 2021

ManyDev Studio has released the first trailer for Illusion Lands, an action adventure game set in a fantasy world inhabited by giant monsters (ala Monster Hunter) where players take on the role of a hunter called Erwin. A demo will be coming soon too, so stay tuned for more info as we get it.

Official Press Release


Illusion Lands is a third-person slasher game that combines a gripping storyline and colorful combat. Players take on the role of Erwin, a powerful hunter of the Devourers, giant creatures whose nature remains to be discovered. Explore the vast world of the game and discover its countless secrets.

  • brutal design of the combat system with colorful visual and sound effects, with combo attacks and finishing moves;
  • powerful storytelling with interesting dialogues, events and memorable characters;
  • ability to use atypical tactics of fighting, using different types of weapons – and skills;
  • a unique system of magic abilities: each individual skill is self-sufficient and weighty;
  • high pace of gameplay: the features of the mechanical movement of the character and the battle with giant opponents give the player the experience of a very dynamic gameplay;
  • very detailed game world with beautiful, modern 3D graphics.
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