Hyper Gunsport – Announcement

Posted on 23 Mar 2022

Necrosoft Games and publisher Hitcents have announced Hyper Gunsport, an arcade sport game self described as cyberpunk volleyball with guns. Players have different classes and goals and the game looks kind of like a side-on Windjammers with guns. Check out the trailer above for an explainer of what’s actually happening in-game.

Official Press Release

It’s been… well, it’s been a pretty big week for gaming news with GDC going strong right now. So much so, that you might have missed the MIX Indie Showcase which took place yesterday!

Don’t worry if you did, because that’s why we’re here – our friends at Hitcents and Necrosoft Games took part in the MIX to show off the upcoming competitive action game Hyper Gunsport!

What IS Hyper Gunsport? Well, it’s basically cyberpunk volleyball with guns! As for the details, that’s probably best left to the video below:

Hyper Gunsport’s MIX Showcase Trailer

We’d love it if you could share this video with your audience, as Hyper Gunsport is due to launch later this year on PC and consoles alike.

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