Going Medieval – Announcement

Posted on 09 Jul 2019

Gramophone Games have announced their upcoming kingdom building game, Going Medieval, will be coming to Steam Early Access in 2020. Check out the press release below for more info.

Official Press Release

Going Medieval – first look – upcoming medieval colony builder with a twist on regular history

If you’re on board with colony sims, alternate history scenarios, and builder games with a lot of complex systems, you may want to keep your eyes on Going Medieval, the alternate medieval history colony sim by Gramophone Games.The game will be released as EA on Steam in 2020.

Going Medieval is all about building, guiding, and protecting a new home for a small colony, safe from outlaws, barbarians, and religious fanatics in a classless, borderless, lawless post-calamity age. Create a multi-storey fortress by using materials such as clay, wood, and stone. Make sure villagers are contented, which might prove a challenge since each one of them has needs, feelings, and agendas shaped by the world and its history.

The game draws inspiration from colony sim and RTS giants like Rimworld and Stronghold. It is set in a post-apocalyptic 14th century, right after the calamity we now know as the Black Death ravaged the world. As the game’s producer, Vladimir Živković, says it ‘’We wanted to explore how world views would look after something like that happened. We would explore this through the villager’s various backgrounds and the factions that inhabited 14th century Britain. The player will have the freedom to guide his village in whichever manner they want. They could have a village of cannibalistic zealots or a peaceful agricultural society that is neutral with every faction.”

Going Medieval will be released as an Early Access game in order to test out new features. The ultimate goal of the Early Access version of the game will be to present as many meaningful mechanics as possible, while constantly improving the existing ones. Of course, player feedback and community suggestions will further shape the game’s rules, features, options, and technology trees.

To find more about Going Medieval and its Early Access schedule, visit the game’s Steam page.

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