Galactic Mining Corp – Releasing May

Posted on 07 Apr 2021

Indie developer Windybeard Games have announced that their planet drilling, base building roguelite Galactic Mining Corp will be releasing on Steam on 18 May 2021. You can check out the new trailer above and press release below for more info.

Official Press Release


Spiritual Successor to ‘Geo’ Lands Next Month

April 6th, 2021 — Windybeard Games is proud to announce its interstellar roguelite action game Galactic Mining Corp will launch May 18th on Steam — head out into uncharted space and discover a universe of locations to exploit for riches!

Galactic Mining Corp is a game about building and expanding an intergalactic mining corporation through crafting and base building mechanics. Use your ever-growing profits to expand your HQ, hire a crazy workforce, obtain new drill components and upgrade everything. Hire more than 70 crew members with unique stats from around the galaxy to pilot your drills and power up you base.

In Galactic Mining Corp everything is of value, from every bit of mud you drill to the strange space banana you hire to work in the HQ store rooms.


  • Almost endless levelling of everything! From improving your facilities and promoting crew members to upgrading mud to increase its drillable value.

  • Drill planet cores to collect core fragments to spend at the “Coretrium” perk tree to boost your stats and unlock huge rewards.

  • Collect and record everything! Every tile you drill, every item you collect and every planet you visit adds to your value and power.

  • Explore and unlock galaxy maps finding comets, moons, planets, and other spatial oddities; each with their own stats and loot.

  • Expand your ever-growing headquarters by building and upgrading facilities and filling the rooms with awesome crew members.

  • Hand-drawn art throughout creating a colourful, unique and enjoyable universe complemented by an original soundtrack.

Galactic Mining Corp arrives May 18th on Windows PC for $12.99. A percentage of all sales of Galactic Mining Corp will go to the gaming charity “Gamers for Good” — a non profit game studio on a mission to use game-related content to build awareness of charitable opportunities for gamers

To learn more, visit:


Twitter: @WindybeardGames

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